Published on : 2017-05-09 08:49:06

), replacing Middle English waw, which is from Old English wagian to move to and fro (cf. js >

Expand v. Meaning to make a sign by a wave of the hand is from 1510s. The hand motion meaning is recorded from 1680s; meaning undulating line is recorded from 1660s. Just a few short metres from beautiful Orewa Beach, Waves offers stunning beach views, superb design and excellent modern facilities for holidaymakers and business people alike. We also provide free Newspaper and free unlimited Wi-Fi for guest use the internet. The crowd stunt in stadiums is attested under this name from 1984, the thing itself said to have been done first Oct. moving billow of water, 1520s, from wave (v. Of people in masses, first recorded 1852; in physics, from 1832.

move back and forth, Old English wafian to wave with the hands (related to wæfre wavering, restless ), from Proto-Germanic *wab- (cf. Website Widget

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